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LED Aquarium lighting
2017-02-20 15:20:33

LED Aquarium Lighting


Are you impressed by the stunning light effect of aquarium? Have you wondered how to achieve this and thus attract more visitors? Today we will have a look at the high-power LED light for aquarium and pool.


Underwater is a harsh and demanding environment that requires high-end LED lights. First of all, the aquarium lights must be able to tolerate the water depth and pressure. LedsMaster’s aquarium LED light is equipped with protective structure and raise the rating to IP68. Second, the light for aquarium should be “penetrating” – can be transmitted effectively inside water. LedsMaster develops the Premium Precise Optical Lens System (PPOLS) that allows centrally focused light-beam radiance, and thus achieves remarkable “penetration” power in the water.


If you find that the monochromatic color is weary, you may install our RGB LED washer light in the aquarium. The color-changing light emits rainbow colors that re-vitalize your venues. The light is suitable for underwater use as well, as it is also equipped with IP68 rating (with special reinforcement). If you have a large-scale project, we suggest to connect our color-changing lights with the USB-DMX 512 controller to perform the complex, astonishing lighting effects. Since our RGB aquarium LED light has the DMX standard, it is compatible with majority of the USB-DMX 512 controller available in the market. You may connect our lights in series and then programme the light in the computer to customize your own lighting effect!

If you happen to have a pool in your backyard, our underwater flood light or RGB light can be served as the LED pool light as well. You have no need to worry about the maintenance cost because our products have 5-year warranty; besides, the lamp unit can be replaced individually to save time and cost. LedsMaster provides you with the high-quality and durable LED light solutions for your aquarium and pool.

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