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LED High Bay Light Importer
2017-07-18 14:13:54

LED High Bay Light Importer

Application of high bay light-industrial lighting-race track lights-gym lighting

LedsMaster is a LED High Bay Light Importer. It serve multiple purposes. For instance,

Factory & Industrial Lighting

   Indoor Sports Stadium Light

Construction & Temporary Lighting

   Commercial Lighting

Warehouse Lighting

   Power Plant

Food Processing

   Gym Lighting

Race Track Lights

   Arena Lights

Especially in Factory or Industrial settings, bright environment would reduce accident in work place. We can achieve this by means of bright & durable LED High Bay Lights. the warehouse require exceptional brightness for drivers and audiences as well. How to select the most suitable products?
Color temperature demonstration  Color temperature meter
*Demonstration of Color Temperature (Orange ~2800K; Blue ~7500K)

Color Temperature & Health Issues

As a LED High Bay Light Importer, we did some research. In accordance with recent study, over 60% of respondents claims inappropriate LED Lighting in the working place would irritate & fatigue their eyes. Scientists discover that intense light having color temperature >6500K (tends to blue light) might be dazzling & unhealthful, while color temperature <2800K (tends to reddish orange) might be too relaxing that both affect efficiency at work. The optimal color temperature becomes 5500K, which is equivalent to shiny daylight. LedsMaster High Bay Light Series emits lights having color temperature of 5500K.

LED Street light color temperature
*Research shows that blue light can disrupt circadian rhythms

Besides, American Medical Association (AMA) recommends the color temperature should be <3000K because short-wavelength blue light can affect the perception of day & night & causes pupillary construction. Believe it or not, the high color temperature LED outdoor lights are forced to replaced due to mass pressure. We recognize this as a LED High Bay Light Importer, so we response to this and manufacture high quality productsure range.

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DIALux simulation for LED lighting project
*DIALux simulation graph (value chart)

Lighting Uniformity of LED High Bay Lights

Another factor determining the quality of High Bay LED Light would be uniformity, which measures the spread of light. When you look at the above graph, you would see a matrix of number starting from 700 to 800. You may see the figures are quite uniform in first glance, as the range is about 10% of the value. How can we quantify the results and compare with others luminaries? One of the common ways is to obtain the u0 value – it is defined as lux(min) / lux(max). The light is said to be more uniform if this u0 value tends to 1. The value chart having u0 value of 0.8 is already very high in Lighting field. Majority of venues & focus-intensive tasks require 0.6 to 0.7 uniformity. We know the requirement on lighting uniformity and brightness as we are the experienced LED High Bay Light Importer.

Lighting uniformity of LED is vital because intense high & low-lit segments would cause eye discomfort, fatigue & stress, in accordance with American researches. In the household setting, you can easily control the uniformity by trial and error; however, for the large-scale stadium lighting or factory lighting projects, we would simulate as much as we can to predict the outcome & thus produce the best outcome. We will provide you with other tips in the next chapter. If you have any enquiries on High Bay LED Lighting , please feel free to contact us at beatus@ledsmaster.com

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