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LED Light Decay I & our Street Light
2016-12-26 14:01:43

LED Light Decay I & our Street Light


Do you have a better understanding of our production line and quality control? Today we would go over the light decay that affects the brightness of the LED light. There are two types of “decay”. You would probably find that the battery performance of your cell phones drops significantly one year later the date of purchase. Similarly, the brightness would drop a little bit over a long period of time – the lumen output of the LED light would decline gradually after operating thousands of hours, either constantly or exponentially. What is the rationale behind?

The LED light would generate heat as described in Chapter 2. Assume there is a threshold temperature. If the operating temperature is below the threshold, the brightness would just decrease temporarily and it would return to its original levels if the temperature drops; however, once the temperature of LED light goes beyond the threshold, the light encountered irreversible deterioration of brightness, which is similar to tearing of rubber band. Therefore, effective heat dissipation is vital for LED light.

Importance of street light

After a long day, you wish to return to home promptly. Would you select the bright and lengthy path, or the dim and risky shortcut? Sufficient illumination would let us feel secure, truly. Indeed, a recent study shows that the adequate illumination of the street would reduce the crime rate, isn’t it inconceivable?

The bright and warm environment encourage the outdoor activities, doesn’t it? Who would like to stay in the dark and lifeless area? After installing the lights in the park, the number of people arrived at night increased by 20%. The LED light would definitely revitalize the park, and even the city! Besides, reliable street light is the pre-requisite of road safety; therefore, street light is the paramount accessory in the city.

Why select LedsMaster’s street light?

We have versatile product lines that fit for all purpose – high-power for highways and bridges, middle one for pavements, and the low-power for the alleys. Our high-power LED street light has the exceptional luminous efficiency of 160 lm/W that greatly reduce your electricity bill. And then, our LED street lights have the IP66 rating and the range of working temperature of -40 – 80°C, so they can tolerate the common, adverse weather conditions. The 80,000 life span and 5-year warranty, additionally, would dramatically reduce your maintenance frequency and cost. For our series, we provide beam angle of 10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90° and 120° - our light designers would help select the appropriate angles for various purposes. Most importantly, LedsMaster’s street lights are equipped with anti-glare structure – the people will not easily get dazzled when looking at the light.


Let’s have a look on our stunning street light. If you happen to look at the roads, you would find that the illumination is circular and not all the region is covered as in the graph of “Traditional LED design”. On the contrary, our engineers developed an innovative technology and optics that provide uniform illumination, which gives better visualization for the road users.

Should you be interested in our street light, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales representatives would get back to you within 1-2 working days to solve your enquiries.

Next, we would continue the light decay, and introduce to you another product line.

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