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LED Light Decay II & our Super Bright Flood light
2017-01-03 11:46:24

LED Light Decay II & our Super Bright Flood Light


Apart from the decay that affect the life span, there is another attenuation that suppresses the brightness of the LED lights. Let’s imagine what would be observed if we move away from the heater or the speaker. Similarly, the light is susceptible to the decline of intensity during the transmission – the intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Some of the factors that causes the decrease, like air, seems inevitable; nevertheless, the other does not. Usually we would observe that the lumen on the ground is less than the theoretical value, because of scattering and absorption of light by the particles in the air, naturally; and the undesirable divergence of light, artificially; therefore, part of the lumen is wasted during the transmission. How to reduce the attenuation? It depends on the optics of the LED – the quality of the LED chips.

LedsMaster is proficient in manufacturing the complex optics that improve the ground reach ability. Our experienced engineers tailor made the LED chips for different product lines so that they can achieve 90% ground efficiency. Truly, apart from the power and the lumen output, another vital parameter we need pay attention would be the ground reach ability. The performance of the LED light will be dramatically affected if we cannot maintain the high lumen output throughout the distance.

Let’s look at one of the leading products at LedsMaster that is equipped with the above complex optics. This is called the 1500W Power LED Flood light, it has the luminous efficiency of 130 lm/W and beam angles of 10, 25, 40, 60, or 90-degree. This high-power and super-bright LED flood light is suitable for stadiums, sports facilitates, squares, backyards, warehouses, tunnels, airports, gas stations, and every place that require high-lumen output LED light solutions. Besides, it has the exceptional life span of 80,000 hours and 5-year warranty that greatly reduce your maintenance frequency and cost! Our flood light series has a wide range of available powers, says 100W, 200W, 500W,750W,…,and up to 4000W.

Since we allow great flexibility, we provide customization for different needs. For instance, you can select the color temperature (the color of monotonic light or even become RGB for the whole structure), the Color Rendering Index, power of the light, as well as the beam angle.

The number of individual LED chip unit determines the power of the flood light. For example, the above is the 600W Power LED Flood light which is suitable for Golf course. But why select LED instead of other cheaper solution like metal halide? The price of the metal halide flood light might be lower than that of LED; however, the electricity bill afterwards matter. One of our clients saved 75% electricity cost after replacing the traditional metal halide by our LED light. Besides, the life span of LED is generally larger than the that of metal halide because of the difference between the intrinsic components adopted. Are you looking for the LED flood light replacement? Why not select our high-quality and reliable “Focusing” LED flood light for better illumination for your venues?

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