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LED Sports Lights Selection Tips (1)
2017-11-03 10:59:06

New area of Sports light fixture – Advantages of Sports Lighting LED

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Fixture for sports light has many new features nowadays. Many arena owner start retrofits their stadium lights into LED luminaires. No matter indoor or outdoor, proper sports lighting is required, especially at night. Have you ever experienced the current MH luminaries goes off so quickly? Perhaps replacement after 1-2 years? Let’s introduce to you the use of LED. Here are the overall advantages of this technic. Can last longer, lighter, brighter, more durable, lesser heat, higher energy efficiency and lighting uniformity, and more colors. This passage will provide you with brief notice and tips before you buy, and thus optimize your lighting projects.

Sports light fixture in application

To start with, let me introduce to you where can we apply the sports lights. Do you know how many football stadium in the United States of America? According to Wikipedia, there are about 170 American football arenas. There are about 30,000 seats to 100,000 seats in each ones. Each state has 1 of them. In the past, we completed St. Mary’s Stadium and Selhurst Park sports lighting projects. Theses are home of two Premier League team. After switching to LED lights, the electricity cost of LED cut down to 25% of its original value. How to you feel and which one do you like the most?

As for tennis, it is a well-known racket sport attracted millions of people to play and watch. There are many popular tournaments nowadays. For instance, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Laver Cup and many. Tennis is a vigorous sport, as you can see the players need to locate the trajectory of tennis ball and perform respective footwork. In fact, the court has 23.78 meters long and 10.97 meters width (full size), it is very difficult for players to smash the ball, unless proper lighting fixture for sports are applied. Our luminaries have high-ended optics that ensure high lighting uniformity. It means the illumination is evenly distributed, without sudden dim or bright spots. Our sports lighting LED fixtures can help the players to trace the fast tennis ball.

As for cricket field, it is an almost circular turf pitch having diameter of about 120-200 meters. The size depends on nature, whether it is recreational or professional. We have bowler, who throws the ball; and striking batsman, who smash it. Interestingly, it is first played in 16th century in England. Nowadays, we have the governing body which is called International Cricket Council. The sports lights are usually attached at the height of 40 to 50 meters. To illuminate such a large distance, we develop complex lens that enhance ground reach ability. LedsMaster offers arena lights of power 300W to 2000W to provide sufficient illumination. In the such of large area, we need at least 50,000+ watt power. It brings us to another tip related to LED selection.

How to calculate the energy cost we can save after replacement of sports lighting?

Selecting right luminaries can save a lot of money. Take the above cricket field as an example. The old metal halide has efficiency of 75 lm/W, however LED has 140 lm/W. Lumen (lm) is a unit indicating brightness. 140 lm/W means 1 watt power each can produce 140 lm. Assuming the brightness remains unchanged, let’s say 7,500,000 lumens total output. LED needs 7,500,000 / 140 = 53,600W while MH requires 7,500,000 / 75 = 100,000W. Therefore, you can save ( 53,600 – 100,000 ) / 100,000 = save 46.4% energy. This figure will be high if your old metal halide has lower lighting efficiency.

To conclude, LED sports lights have many strengths such as energy saving, good travel ability as mentioned in this chapter. If you would like to check out our sports light fixture, you can click into the below pictures. Should you have enquiries, please feel free to contact us, perhaps at email beatus@ledsmaster.com. Thank you.

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