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LedsMaster FAQ (1) - Characteristics of LED Lights
2017-06-20 16:57:45

LedsMaster FAQ - LED Light Characteristics and our Tailor Made Service


1.     What are LEDs and their unique features?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a device that converts electrical energy to visible light. Due to its exceptional energy efficiency, long life span & color-changing ability, it is widely regarded as a versatile light source that fits almost all purposes such as stadium flood lights. LED is safe because there is no glass to break & operating temperature is low when compared with metal halide or incandescent lamp; besides, the spectrum of LED light can be controlled precisely to avoid UV & infrared, which is harmful to body & a wastage of energy respectively, and thus suitable for sport lighting fixtures.

2.     What tailor-made service can LedsMaster provide? Is there any additional cost?

We provide holistic service. Generally, you can provide us with power, brightness, size & usage (for sports or other venues, info of poles) and then our engineers would decide the best LED lighting solution for you. This service will not be subjected to any additional cost. Furthermore, you are also welcomed to design you own LED stadium lights. We will turn your draft into real product, let’s explore more by dropping us a message at beatus@ledsmaster.com

3.     Are LedsMaster’s LEDs waterproof?

Our LED flood lights have the IP (Ingress protection) rating of IP66, which means tolerance of powerful water jets & no ingress of dust; therefore, LedsMaster’s stadium flood lights can function normally under adverse weather conditions.

4.     What certification does LedsMaster have?

We acquire TUV, ELT/UL, RoHS & CE certifications.

5.     How to manipulate the brightness of LED light & avoid flickering?

Our sports lighting fixtures are compatible with both Analogue Dimming & Digital Dimming.

Analogue Dimming – by separate, physical controller

Digital Dimming – by software, computer interface

The lights can be dimmed by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Constant Current Reduction (CCR).

PWM reduces the duration of each light pulse, our eyes and thus perceives “dimmer” light. However, PWM would be susceptible to flickering because the light is in fact switching on & off to perform dimming function.

On the contrary, CCR reduces the current & thus the amplitude. The light needs not to be turned on/off rapidly to reduce the brightness. LedsMaster adopts CCR technique and thus guarantees flicker-free illumination.

If you are interested in our LED flood lights, please drop us a message via beatus@ledsmaster.com

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