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LedsMaster FAQ (2) - Nature & Use of LED Lights
2017-06-20 17:03:03

LedsMaster FAQ - LED Lights Nature and Environmental Impact


6.     What is Solid-state light (SSL)?

LED is a Solid-state light (SSL) because the components utilized do not involve filament or gas. Instead, SSL is equipped with “solid” electronics like semiconductors, which is more stable & safe to use.

7.     Junction temperature & heat dissipation

Junction is the point at which the diode connects to the base. In LEDs, around 5% power goes to heat loss (comparing with ~90% of incandescent bulb). Persistent heat would lower the brightness & life span of LEDs. In light of this, LedsMaster stadium LED flood light develops passive heat dissipation system that utilized dense arrangement of aluminum fins. They provide large surface area for heat dissipation. Furthermore, the fins & the base is in single piece of material to ensure effective transmission of heat.

8.     Are LEDs eco-friendly?

l   Our sports LED lighting does not contain mercury & toxic gases as in fluorescent tube & metal halide lamp

l   Lower energy consumption and thus CO2 emission

l   No UV

9.     How to achieve bi-color function?

To produce white light, we need blue LED chips underneath phosphor coating layer. The color temperature of the white light depends on thickness of the phosphor layer & wavelength of blue LED light. In the bi-color models, LEDs emitting 2800K or 7500K are placed alternatively. By adjusting their individual brightness, the color temperature range of 2800-7500K can be achieved. The bi-color LED light is quite popular in studio & hospital.

10.  Use of our RGB light?

l   Stage light to produce complex lighting effect

l   Decorative light for architecture

l   Grow light

l   Healing / Light Therapy


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