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Luminous Efficacy & our Recessed Light (Downlight)
2016-11-25 22:00:02

Luminous Efficacy & our Recessed Light (downlight)


Welcome to our official blog! The purpose of this blog is to help promote the use of Light-Emitting Diode (LED), a clean and efficient light source, in everyday life. Are you worried about the complicated terms and formula in our articles? It is guaranteed that the nouns would be explained step-by-step, as our targeted audiences are the men on the omnibus and the professional users. All of us can master the LEDs if you are a regular reader of our column! Let’s get started.

Basic tutorial – Power and Energy (You can skip this part if you study Mathematics or Physics)

If you happen to look at the label of you light bulb, you would find that the Power usually falls within 3-100 Watts (W) – 100 W means the power output is 100 Joules (J) per second (s), where joule is the quantitative measurement of energy (for instance, at least 5000 J of energy is required if a lift raises a 50-kg person for 10 meters, which is about the height of third floor). You can imagine that 100 J energy comes out each second if you turn on that light bulb. How about the Sun? The power is approx. 3.8 x 1026 W in accordance with NASA – just like trillions, trillions of light bulbs! We can still understand the terms, can’t we?

Luminosity and luminous flux

Luminosity is the power of an astronomical object, like our Sun! Our Sun emits both visible light and unperceivable radiation such as ultra violet (UV). To focus on the visible light region, the scientists developed another parameter which is called luminous flux.

Luminous flux is the power of the light source in the visible spectrum from 330 (violet) to 780 (red) nm, which is factored by the sensitivity of the naked eyes, as the sensitivity varies with the color of the light (the human eyes are most sensitive to 555 nm (green) light). In short, luminous flux of a bulb indicates how bright we feel. Luminous flux has the unit of lumen (lm).

Luminous efficacy & our LED Recessed Light (downlight)

After the trivial, introductory sessions, here comes our main topic. How do we know if the bulb is energy-saving? It depends on the efficiency of the LED. The efficiency (luminous efficacy) of the light bulb = luminous flux ÷ power. Let’s have a practice! Our company LedsMaster manufactures LED Recessed Light (Downlight) of 15W power that produce 1800 lm luminous flux; therefore, the luminous efficacy = 1800 ÷ 15 = 120 lm/W. You may have a look on your ordinary light bulbs which gives around 45-70 lm/W. That means our high efficiency LED Recessed Light save 40-60% energy. But what is Recessed Light? It is a LED light fixture that generally inserted into a hollow opening in a ceiling. Besides, the Recessed Light is used to decorate the interior. It makes a unique restaurant atmosphere, doesn’t it?

Application of the LED Recessed Light

This product is suitable for both household and commercial use. Our power includes 15W, 27W, 37W, and up to 100W, while our luminous flux falls within 1800 to 12000 lm. They all have 120 lm/W luminous efficacy (or light efficiency). Generally speaking, the low to medium power ones are suitable for household such as lighting display cabinets or even illuminating the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, by mounting the LED Recessed Light on the ceiling.

Worrying about the installation? Why not contact us? We will provide the holistic service, and it is possible for us to customized the stands and frames that satisfy your needs!

For the commercial use, relatively high-power LED Recessed Light Fixture are frequently affixed in the boutiques. The invigorating lighting on your fashion items or luxury goods definitely attract the eyeballs! Besides the energy-saving property (due to our exceptional luminous efficacy or light efficiency in the lighting industry), LedsMaster’s LED Recessed Light can be dimmed or colored by the universal hardware interface, which is suitable for decoration and interiors. Colorful display can further exaggerate the customer’s moods, doesn’t it? So why not select our products as your window’s “additive” for better promotion of your goods.

Thinking of the price? It is guaranteed that our offer would be affordable and competitive. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will proactively resolve your enquiries within 1-2 days, or even within a few hours during our office hour!

Today we introduce to you our LED Recessed Light and one of its advantages – energy saving. If you wish to explore more in relation to our strength, please have a look on our blog, or you may drop us your email to subscribe our free articles! Next chapter we will go through the heat generation of the bulbs and how we deal with it. See you then. – 

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