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Metal Halide Replacement for Tennis Court Lights
2017-11-23 17:20:30

Metal Halide Replacement for Tennis Court Lights

tennis court lighting

Nowadays, there are still considerable amount of tennis court using metal halid or HID as the light source, replacement of tennis court metal halide lighting with LED is strongly recommended. It is because the lighting performance of LED tennis lights is better than metal halide and HID, from the perspectives of energy-saving, lighting uniformity and durability.

LED metal halide replacement for Tennis Court advantage: high energy efficiency

The most important reason for us to adopt LED light is to reduce power consumption. After the replacing metal halide tennis court lighting, you can save about 70% energy. It is because for the same power output, LED can emit more lumen. Higher lumen means brighter illumination. According to our experience, we have client save tons of electricity bill after replacing their tennis court lighting to metal halide. The amount is about US$20,000 per year for a large-scaled retrofit project.

Apart from cost reduction, LED can provide general broader and more uniform illumination on the tennis field. Evenly distributed lighting is important for the player and audiences because too bright or dim region will affect the vision of the players and spectators. To achieve this, we can use the glass lens on top of the LED chips. With our professional lighting design, which consists of different combination of beam angles, power and installation inclination. We can achieve the bright and uniform lighting across the ground.

CRI is another concern for the metal halide tennis court lighting. Higher CRI such as 80+, the spectator can see the real colors of players and tennis ball, and thus enhances the user experience. Nowadays, LED lights have become a mature technology.

To conclude, metal halide or HID replacement for tennis court is a worthwhile investment because it has many advantages, such as exceptional life span, super bright illumination and high CRI. If you would like to obtain much info, you can get access to the below link. Besides, please feel free to drop us a message. We are looking forward to your message.

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