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Our Production Line & our High Bay Light
2016-12-06 16:51:22

Our Production Line & our High Bay Light


The previous tutorials are tedious, aren’t they? Today we will have a look on a completely different thing – how we manufacture the stunning and unprecedented LED lights! It is normal for the customers to think twice before purchase because they might wish to know what our product’s constituents are, and if we are reliable. We are Chinese manufacturer of high-power and high-efficiency LED since 2004, and we have a mature production line. Let’s have a look on our works!

Tons of aluminum prepared for fabrication! We select aluminum because of its rust-resistance, stiffness and light weight. As sometimes our LED might be exposed to rainy environment, the strong frame can tolerate some of the impact, and the light structure grants easier installation.


You would not be unfamiliar if you read Chapter 2 – the heat dissipation. Right, it is our rectangular heat dissipation system. To further enhance the surface area for heat dissipation, we even mill the tiny pit on each fin!


Our High Bay Light

After various processes, our high bay LED light is produced. High bay light is mainly for indoor use and affixed on the high ceiling. One of the typical application of it would be the industrial lighting. Obviously, it is dangerous for the workers to operate the killing machine in such a dim environment. To avoid the unnecessary injury, the factory may select our high-power, super-bright, and energy-saving industrial LED light solutions. Lighting is necessary and probably the most important in the factory, isn’t it? Therefore, it is worthwhile to make the investment – replacing your traditional lights with our LED light today!

The powers of our LED high bay light include 100W, 300W and 720W, with luminous efficacy of 140 lm/W. We provide the lumen from 14000-100800 lm. If you are a constant reader of our blog, you would find that 140 lm/W is an exceptionally high efficiency. Such the high lighting efficiency can reduce you bill on the electricity. Apart from energy saving, LED is usually regarded as a green light source because we seldom use the toxic elements or chemicals to manufacture the LED – comparing with the toxic gas inside the halogen lamp and the mercury inside the fluorescent light. Additionally, our LED has extraordinary life span of > 80000 hours! Let’s have a look – if the factory operates 8 hours per day and 7 days per week, our LED would theoretically last: 80000 ÷ 8 ÷ 365 = 27.4 years. Is it incredible?

As you can see, a factory or warehouse might contain hundreds of LEDs. We have a client reported that the electric bill reduced to the 1/4 of the original after replacing the sodium lamp with our high-efficiency LED. Looking at “High power” or “High luminous flux” only would be misleading; instead, we need to look at the efficiency of the applicants – how much energy is required to product the brightness? It is guaranteed that it is rare to have such a high luminous efficacy (140 and even up to 160 lm/W) LED products in the market – we are one of the manufacturers that pursue exceptionally high efficiency.

Should you be interested in our LEDs or exploring more, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome to visit our factory which is located in Shenzhen, and you are free to manipulate and test our LED lights! If you are interested in selecting our products, we will offer you the competitive price (almost the lowest in the relevant market). Today we have a brief summary on the production line and high bay light. We will have a look on our quality control in the next chapter.

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