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Our Quality Control & our RGB Light
2016-12-14 18:09:34

Our Quality Control & our RGB Light 


What do you think of our production line? Would you like to know more about our quality control? Our industrious workers fabricate and combine the electronics around the clock to meet our tight dead line. We attach great importance to quality control as malfunctioning LED light or that cannot meet our rigorous standard would not only affect the safety of the illumination area or the performance of the players in the stadium, but also, most importantly, would lead to the loss of customer’s trust.


Waterproof ability would be one of the essential features of LED lights. LedsMaster’s flood lights and all our product lines have the IP rating of at least IP66 (IP67 and IP68 are available!). We would ensure that water immersion and flushing do not affect the performance of the LED lights.

Apart from water test, we attempt to simulate the adverse weather condition that the LED would be encountered. Majority of our high-quality LEDs light would withstand -25 to 55 degree-Celsius. Sufficient illumination of the freezing countries causes an interesting result – a study shows that adequate lighting would encourage the outdoor activities. Besides, it was recently revealed that the bright streets would dramatically reduce the crime rate at night as well.

Is it the scene of Resident Evil? It is definitely not the zombie apocalypse setting, but our aging room. All our lights would be stayed in this chamber for 120 hours before shipping. The ambient temperature is maintained at 45 degree-Celsius. Some of our lights would go through a more vigorous test – operating in the extreme temperature cycle for at least 2 years. For instance, freezing temperature for 2 hours, and then immediately under water for 2 hours, and lastly the heating room.

If you are the regular reader of our column, you would probably recognize that we would introduce one of our product line after the “fun fact” session. Today we would go over our RGB LED light. Colorful lights are invigorating, aren’t they? Apart from coloring the walls, our residential RGB LED fixture would be suitable for interior as well. Would it be difficult to manipulate the color?

DMA is one the user-friendly interface that can be connected to our color changing LED RGB light. As you can see in the above gif, as least 7 colors can be adjusted. The LED light can be dimmed as well. As for the specification, our residential or commercial RGB light has luminous efficacy of 50 lm/W, IP rating of IP66 (can be upgraded to IP67 and even IP68). As for the lift span, the LED would last for approximately 80,000 hours (with 5-year warranty). As mentioned in the quality control section, our RGB LED light would also withstand adverse weather condition such as harsh environment – from -25 to 55 degree-Celsius. The powers are ranged from 240W to 1440W and the available beam angles are 20, 40 and 60-degree. Therefore, you can see that our RGB is not only suitable for low-power household decoration, but also high-power, large-scale, and commercial use, such as the colorful LED lighting system in the boutique. Our high-power, super bright RGB LED would be installed in the bridge as well. For instance, it would be suitable for illuminating the arch, or even the light show! By contacting us, you would receive our best solution of LED lighting.

In the next chapter, we will have a look on the light decay – how they affect the brightness as time goes on.

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