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Our recent LED Billboard light project
2017-02-27 18:10:09

Our recent LED Billboard light project


Apart from previous street light project, we are now focusing on the large-scale LED billboard light project. The above picture shows part of the semi-finished high power LED outdoor billboard light. To understand the advantages of our LED billboard light, we can have a look at the general requirement of billboard light –

1. Sufficient brightness – the billboard light generally requires 250-300 lux. As you can see in our simulation, our outdoor billboard light achieves 250 lux over 90% of area. LedsMaster’s LED outdoor 80 watt billboard light replaces 400 watt metal halide; therefore the energy expenditure can be reduced to 20% of the original value.

2. Light uniformity – the advertisement cannot be presented satisfactorily if some of the spots are too dim or too bright. We have self-developed LED optics guaranteeing plain and average illumination over the board, as shown in the white area of the simulation. To provide the appropriate billboard light solution, we would adjust the power, beam angle and tilt angle of the LED chips in accordance with the information provided by the clients, such as the number of poles, distance between the poles, as well as the area of the advertisement.

3. Lifespan – our LED billboard 80 watt lights can work for 80,000 hours, which is equivalent to 27 years (8 hours per day). Less replacement and thus less expenses.

If you would like to explore more, please feel free to drop up a message at beatus@ledsmaster.com . Our representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

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