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Repair Parking Lot Lights: How about replace to LED parking lot light?
2017-11-10 21:15:36

Time Saving Way for Parking Lot Light Repair

parking garage light for repair

Welcome to our page. We are experienced LED parking lot lights manufacturer for 12 or more years. You may encounter the luminaries go off inside the indoor & outdoor parking garage. It can be very frustrating because you need to fix them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the owner may face extraordinary monetary loss due to the broken lights. Firstly, let’s recognize what type of light we use currently? Metal halide or other types of HID lamps? If you use the metal halide luminaries, you will understand that the brightness declines very quickly. The bulbs will completely go off within 1 to 2 years. In light of this, you need to pay a lot do to the repair on parking garage lighting. Have you ever thought of replacing them to LED?

Parking lot light repair hack: using LED as the primary light source

Since you have selected MH for a long time, it is not very easy for you to switch. We understand that because LED is a relatively new technology, which has about 40 years history. If you really want to have a trial first, we suggest you can replace partially. According to our experience, we had client replace about 20% LED lights prior to complete replacement. They found that the repaired region has higher brightness and lighting uniformity, but the energy consumption is lower. The result is quite fruitful as they repair parking garage lights by this way. How about price? The price of the new LED and old MH is quite similar as the lower power is used. However, you can enjoy much higher life span and energy saving. The outcome is reducing the electricity cost around 75%. We had a client save approx. US$10,000 on electricity per year after the replacement. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment to buy parking lot LED light for repair.

Repair for parking garage lights

LED parking lot lights: advantages and necessity

Apart from remarkable lighting efficiency, the heat generated is lesser for Parking lot LED lights. For the outdoor space, the scorching weather may accelerate the deterioration of luminaries. It is because strong and persistent heat can damage the electronic components and thus decrease brightness. To solve this issue, we install very efficient heat dissipation aluminum fins at the back of luminaries. They can maintain the temperature inside the LED at a low range. It is believed that LED parking lot light will be the trend in the future because of its environmental advantages.

Besides, metal halide lamps will emit UV lights as well. UV is the light having shorter wavelength than purple light. It is true that UV irritates our body and causes skin problems. Why not switching to LED? The LED parking lot light does not cause UV emission. Let’s repair parking garage light to LED.

If you want to have free lighting design for your project, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com. Our engineers will give the professional opinions on luminaries’ arrangement, such as power, beam angle and optics used.

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