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Warranty & our Wall Pack Light
2017-01-22 10:58:30

Warranty & our Wall Pack Light


You may wish to know the after-sales service of our LED lights. The general policy is that our LED flood light, street light, high bay light, billboard light and track lights are warranted for 5 years from the date of delivery. which is subjected to certain limitation. The free maintenance service includes the replacement of individual lamps or the whole structure. If the whole LED light is not available, we will provide you with the products that have comparable price and quality. The cost of both carriage inward and outward is exempted.

The free repair does not cover the misoperation, unauthorized modification and dismantlement, operation exceed our designated working temperature or the unforeseeable natural disasters. The above is just the general warranty policy at LedsMaster. You would consult our sales representative for detailed regulation of each individual product you are looking for.

Our Wall Pack Light

The LED wall pack light is generally affixed to the outdoor wall. For instance, the semi-open garage, the alley, square, backyard, gas station, warehouse and just above the doors. The wall pack light can be incorporate with motion senor or solar panel. Let’s discuss and explore the possibilities with our engineers. We will provide you with the tailor-made, unique, appropriate lighting solutions.

LedsMaster’s Wall Pack Light has the luminous efficiency of 130 lm/W and CRI up to 95. The life span is about 50,000 to 80,000 hours which is 30 times the traditional incandescent lamp. The beam angles available are 10, 25, 40, 60 and 90-degree. Our LED Wall Pack Light is an environmentally friendly choice because it does not contain mercury and it achieves CE and RoHS certificates. Similar to the other products, we allow customized color temperatures and powers – the power increases with the number of lamp.

One of the unique features of LedsMaster Wall Pack Light is that each row of the LED lamp is connected to a pivot. You can make the angle adjustment of the illumination. Therefore, you would probably observe that we provide not only high-quality LED lighting solutions, but the highly-customized products that fit for all unique situation. 

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