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When to use High Bay Lighting
2017-10-26 07:12:11

When to use High Bay Lighting, Tips for Buying

High Bay lights means the indoor lighting that is affixed higher than 8 meters. It is needed when the site owners request the new placement of lighting fixtures. Its application can be very broad, such as warehouse, gymnasiums, factory, manufacturing facilities, college indoor sports fields. High Bay Lighting is adopted because it can provide focusing light beams from the height. Nowadays, the commercial lighting industry put great importance in energy efficiency; therefore, the power consumption of the selected luminaries is another concern.

How can we know the industrial lighting is good for your venues?

In fact, there are countless number of fixtures available in the market. In order to help you identify the appropriate lighting system for you, we need to have a look in different applications. Knowing more about high bay lighting is beneficial for you before purchase, as a matter of fact the they will be used for more than 15-20 years!

High Bay Lighting Applications


Warehouse Lights


Appropriating fixtures are required to light up the very high ceiling and aisle, corridor. We handled the cases having the ceiling having the height of above 30 to 40 meters. For this situation, we can use the high bay lighting installed in tall ceiling to provide focusing beams in a certain area, or wider beams for the overall regions.

Airplane Hangars

Due to the storage requirement for airplane, the ceiling can be 30 to 50 meters. Sufficient and appropriate lighting systems is vitally important for routine maintenance. Since the hangar is semi-outdoor, you will need to ensure the high bay lights is water-proof, or as least water-resistant.

Tennis Field High Bay Lights

Sport & Ball Fields

Ball fields such as tennis court, basketball court and football pitch have high ceiling as well to provide adequate space for players and spectators. The height of ceiling can be 10 to 25 meters, which is suitable to install high bay lighting. If you install it in the smaller area that does not require such a large amount of lights, the people inside sports field will be irritate. Therefore, we always focus on proper lighting. High bay light is one of the application of high power LED.


Indoor basketball gym or other similar courts may have reflecting floor. When your field has this property, Anti-glare ability becomes high bay lighting fixture as to shinny illumination will make the people feel uncomfortable. This characteristic is usually achieved by specially designed lens cover.

Factory and assembly plants

Broad and wide area is usually observed, with thousands of workers and machines. Proper lighting can guarantee the safety of workers when manipulating the huge machine, by means of quality high bay lights. In fact, there are considerable amount of accident is caused by dim environment inside the factory. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make the investment in high power luminaries that provides better safety standards.

Warehouse Lights   Sport High Bay

Type of High Bay Lights

In this paragraph we will have a look at the practical types of high bay lighting fixture for ceiling heights. LED has life span of 80,000 hours, which is equivalent to 25+ years operation and 4-10 times of Metal Halide Lamps. Besides, LED have the luminous efficiency of 140 lm/W, lm is the unit of brightness, the higher this value, the brighter the bulb can have with the same amount of power consumed; therefore, you can see 140 lm/W of LED high bay lighting fixture is 70% to 100% higher than conventional metal halide lamps. Besides, the heat generation is much lesser, with the fact that persistent heat can damage the chips and electronic inside the lighting fixture. Modular design available. If the luminary unforeseeably goes off, you can replace that individual broken instead of the entire one, therefore, you can save your maintenance cost and time.

To conclude, using high bay lights & LED as a light source for the indoor large area is a wise choice because of its remarkable brightness, energy efficiency, lesser heat generated, longer life span, and modularization design. If you wish to replace your lighting fixture, please drop us a message via email beatus@ledsmaster.com

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