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Why LED lights?
2017-02-27 18:05:04

Why LED lights?


There are many storage devices for computers, like CD, SD card and USB flash drive. However, CD and SD card are not so common and even eliminated nowadays, because of the bulky size of the disc and the universality of the card. The USB drive has become the mainstream transfer media among us, owing to its compact size, 16GB – 128GB volume and universality of the port in the computer.

We always heard about Incandescent lamp (filament light bulb), Compact fluorescent lamp (light tube), and LED lights. We can firstly have a look at the following FAQs to understand their pros and cons.

1. What are their working mechanisms and which one is more energy-saving?

For the light bulb, 95% energy is wasted to heat the filament to 1500°C, and then gives out light as the side product. The condition is improved in the light tube, as majority energy is provided to vaporize the mercury and excite the phosphorus that has about 50-60% energy efficiency. LED technology goes further to 90-95% efficiency because almost all energy is utilized to trigger the electron excitation and light emission. Furthermore, not only visible but non-visible infra-red and ultraviolet light will be emitted by the light bulb and light tube; on the contrary, the LED technology allows selective excitation of electron and thus the frequency of light that fall within visible light region.

2. Which one is brighter?

The above is our 1000W LED flood light having 150 lm/W, and is one of our most popular outdoor high power & high-brightness LED stadium flood light. Its brightness is equivalent to 100 x 100W light bulb, or 100 x 20W light tube. However, we seldom found the stadium of outdoor venue using light tube because they indeed cannot achieve so high power (up to 1000W to 2000W). therefore, LED light can achieve high-power, small sized, and energy-saving at the same time.

To conclude, LED light is like the “USB flash drive”, having compact size and high-brightness (resembles the storage volume of USB drives). LedsMaster manufactures various types of LED outdoor lights with high power, we can always find a suitable model that fit your venues. Feel free to contact us at beatus@ledsmaster.com for much information.

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