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Product Abstract:

Find LED badminton lights, badminton court lighting, Indoor & outdoor LED badminton lights, fixtures at LedsMaster. We offer 5 years warranty & Global Delivery.

Product Description

LED Badminton Lights – Badminton Court Lighting


LED Badminton Lights


Badminton court require lighting fixtures, especially for indoor badminton hall. For the recreational user, the lux requirement is about 200 lux. As for professional user such as LED badminton court lighting for international matches, it becomes 750 to 1000 lux. Depending on your sports field have natural sun light source, we will adjust the number of badminton lights used.


High quality badminton court lighting


First of all, the LED Lights for badminton court should be bright enough to provide adequate illumination. Then, lighting uniformity is another essential element. Uneven means the lights are suddenly too dim or bright at a certain area. These spot makes the spectators and players feel irritated. To solve this, LedsMaster adopts high quality optics for a LED badminton lights. The complex optics can provide even illumination throughout the court. The spectator will never miss any exciting moment during the sport competition.


Then, maintenance is another point to note. LED has 80,000 hours life span, or 27+ years life cycle. You can compare the value with metal halide lamps of 5,000 hours. You can enjoy life long and have no need to repair in a short period of time. As for heat dissipation, strong heat can damage the LED badminton lights. It is because the electronics inside the luminary cannot withstand the high temperature and thus deform. In light of this, LedsMaster adopts a very effective heat dissipation design to maintain the intrinsic temperature at low value. This system consists of dense aluminum fins and seamless contact between the base and fins.


Anti-glare is an important feature of badminton court lighting. LED is a good light source to prevent glare because we can carefully control the brightness and the special coating on the glass lens. You will feel almost no glare when you look at the side of LED badminton lights. LedsMaster supports free tailor-made service. For instance, to provide special barn door for light shielding and reinforcement on ingression protection rating to IP68. To provide better visualization for athletes, LED indoor, outdoor stadium lights for badminton court is a wise and proper choice.


Modular design is another strength of our sports LED lights. Sometimes we will face unforeseeable or artificial damage of luminaries. It is not very convenient to replace the entire lamp every single time. LedsMaster badminton court lighting is equipped with modular design. The broken unit can be taken away and then put a new unit. Then the entire luminary is functionable again. This design can save your maintenance cost and time.


Main Spec of LED badminton lights


Model Number: LS-FLN-100/2000

Power: 100W to 2000W available

Luminous efficiency: 140 lm/W

Power input: 90-265 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Driver: MeanWell

Color Rendering Index: 80

Color temperature: 2700-7500K

Waterproof: IP66


If you are interested, please feel free to drop us a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form at the bottom of the page to acquire free lighting design service and the quote. We are looking forward to your message.



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For much info, please feel free to contact us beatus@ledsmaster.com (email), or by means of the contact form below. Thank you for your message.

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