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Product Abstract:

Find Arena Lights, Horse Arena Lighting, Outdoor Arena Lighting. 5 Years warranty and 80,000 hours life span. Worldwide Delivery. Get Free lighting design for arena today.

Product Description

Horse Arena Lighting – Outdoor Arena Lighting – Arena Lights


Horse Arena Lighting - Horse Racing Lights


Horse Arena Lighting: Available Powers & Product Overview


We are LED company specialized in Horse Arena Lighting. Lighting up the Horse Stadium is not any easy task because of its exceptionally Large Area and turf lighting requirement. LedsMaster develops High Quality Optics specialized for outdoor arena lighting, including Anti-glare, Anti-shock, Water-proof, Bright and Long Distance Illumination. Besides, our LED arena lights has exceptionally high lighting efficiency of 140 lm/W, which is 200-300% higher than traditional Metal Halide Lamps. 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 720W, 1000W, 4000W power available. To help with your lighting project, we offer free lighting design.


Horse LED Arena Lights Application


Arena Lights: long life span


How can we know the Horse Arena Lighting is most suitable? First of all, we will see the life span. The arena lights have 80,000 hours life span, which is equivalent to 27 years for 8 hours operation per day, plus 5 Years Warranty as well. Then, we need to see if there is any good heat dissipation system. It is because persistent and strong heat will decrease the brightness and life span. In light of this, The LED arena lights are equipped with super effective heat sink system that contains dense Aluminum Fins. Let’s have a look at our heat dissipation.


Heat Dissipation of Horse Arena Lighting


Description of Horse Arena Lighting & Outdoor Arena Lighting


a) Meanwell Horse Arena Lighting Driver 90-295V AC. Flood Light output 1000W & Super high power;

b) We manufacture the world's brightest LED Flood Light, up to 4000W, and even 10,000Watts;

c) Inspiring Innovation and New improvement on LED Outdoor Lighting;

d) Premium Precise Optical Lens & Angle System. 10, 25, 40, 60, 90 degrees available;

e) Advanced cooling fins and seamless connection between cooling fins and base plate that connected to the light source;

f) Bridgelux chips adopted, and LedsMaster specially fine-tuned for arena lights (Turf Lights Adjustment);

g) 140,000 lm Super High Power & Lumen for Horse Arena Lights;

h) 5 to 10 times brighter than conventional Lighting Sources such as Metal Halide;

i) Modular Design to reduce your maintenance time and cost;

j) Anti-Glare, Anti-shock, Water-proof function.


Horse Arena Lighting Design: Free service


Apart from indoor & outdoor horse arena, this product is suitable for Factory, Wharf, Mining Lights, Industrial, Airport, Apron, Plaza, as well as outdoor arena lighting, for Football court, Basketball court, Gymnasium, Soccer court, Outdoor use, and any other Large Area Lighting usage. If you have further enquiries on horse arena lighting design, please feel free to drop us a message at beatus@ledsmaster.com or using the contact form below. We are looking forward to your message.

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