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Baseball Field Lights for Sale
2017-11-18 20:22:32

Baseball Field Lights for Sale: 20% Discount

Welcome to LedsMaster.com, now, we announced that we have the baseball field lights for sale, the price is 80% of the ordinary value. We are high power LED flood light supplier focusing on baseball field lights. We deliver high quality sports light fixtures all over the world. The client’s compliance is good as we strive to provide the best lighting solutions for baseball fields. Let’s contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or call us at phone +1 213-438-9858 (US) for much info.

Low Price Baseball Field Lights     Baseball Field Lights for Sale

Low Price Baseball Field Lighting

You may wonder why we provide such a large discount. We do not provide the used baseball field lights for sale. Instead, LedsMaster will give client new and 100% functionable ball field LED lights. The quality is not lowered as the expense of quality.

The major highlights of our lights for baseball field includes:

80,000h life span and thus reduce your maintenance rate.
l  Modular design to let you repair the light fast – you can take out the broken unit and reinstall the new one.
l  Anti-glare optics for improving the vision of the players and spectators.
l  Quality CREE LED chips to provide high lighting uniformity.
70% energy saving when comparing with metal halide lamps.
l  UV-free light of LED baseball field lights.
l  85 CRI for better color rendering, which is vital for camera and people eyes.
l  Light-weight: it can guarantee the safety after installation, and no further reinforcement on pole needed.

LedsMaster is able to give you the cheap price for baseball lights because we have our own factory. We always have massive manufacture and thus a relatively competitive price can be achieved. Buy your low price sports light directly from manufacturer.

Email: beatus@ledsmaster.com
Phone: +1 213-438-9858 (This is a US phone number)

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