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Christmas Sale for Airport Lights
2017-12-25 17:27:54

Christmas Sale on Airport Lights – Metal Halide Replacement for Airport Lights with LED

2017 Christmas sale for airport lighting. Airport lights are the essential components for indoor and outdoor area of airport. We will need different light setting for various parts of the site. According to a US research, about 32% of airports are still using metal halide, HID or HPS as the predominate light source. The study shows that the main reason for using these conventional light source is its availability, cost and maturity. Despite this, these lights have the critical drawbacks. Why not consider metal halide replacement for airport lighting during the Christmas sale period? Apart from introducing our discount for Christmas, we will be going over the advantage of airport lighting metal halide & HID replacement.

Airport lights for sale

Metal halide replacement for airport lighting

You are getting to a right place if you are think of LED replacement for metal halide, such as 400 watt, 1000 watt and 175 watt, and searching for quality but cheap airport lighting during Christmas sale period. By have the LED retrofit kits for 400w metal halide, you can save up to 85% energy. Our LED flood lights have 145 luminous efficiency, which is 97% higher than metal halide. Besides, the maintenance rate can be dramatically reduced after replacing HID or metal halide with LED airport lights, it is because the life cycle of LED lights is 80,000 hours, which can work at least 20 years. Select the right aviation lighting is important because it affects the safety and user experience if inadequate or inappropriate luminaires are installed.

Airport lighting

Lighting for Apron and airplane parking site

How to light up the airport apron with the use of LED lights? Since it is for parking purpose, the lighting requirement is not very harsh. Says, majority of airports we handle have the brightness requirement from 10 to 50 lux, which is relatively dim when comparing to indoor lighting of airport, such as the lounge and departure lobby. During communicating with our clients, we offer the DIALux lighting design to preliminary observe the outcome of the airport lights. During Christmas sale period, we will offer free lighting design for consultation.

There are different parts of airport, and various site will have their unique requirement. If you are interested in our airport lighting solutions for metal halide replacement, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, we will give you the special offer and professional opinion on LED lights for airport.

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