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Global green LED forecast the development trend of lamps
2010-10-13 14:36:39

      Country advocates "energy conservation and environmental protection, low carbon emissions" policy, solve the high consumption of traditional lighting equipment, electronic and waste pollution is more and more serious environmental problems, in national advocate under people's awareness of environmental protection is also improved, in the government's support, each big businesses into it to environmental protection and energy saving low carbon source in new environmental protection, and with "green" LED lamps, because of the unique energy, long life, easy maintenance free, other lighting control, environmental protection, has the incomparable advantage has become a big enterprise positive development direction.


        According to international semiconductor lighting industry, 40% of the growth in recent years, the 2008 global light emitting diode (LED lamps) market reached $5.6 billion. Witness the LED lamps and lanterns of vast opportunities and exciting prospect in succession, countries all over the world, Japan, the United States, European Union, South Korea and other countries have invested heavily, semiconductor lighting plan.


         Since 2000, by 2010, according to U.S. states semiconductors LED lamps is expected to obtain the following results: the cumulative effect and saving potential 258 million tons of carbon will reduce the pollutant discharge, To build new power less 133, By 2010, 55% of incandescent lamp, fluorescent light and replaced by semiconductor, By 2025, solid-state lighting use will make lighting electric power cut in half, every year amounted to $35 billion, Total saving spending $11.5, Annual production value to form a more than 500 billion dollars LED lamps industry market of lamps and lanterns, High quality of millions of jobs.

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