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Hotel Lounge & Guest Room Lighting for Sale
2018-02-08 12:05:23

Hotel Guest Room and Lobby Lighting Guide: 2018 Valentine Day Sales

14th Feb is approaching! Many hotels may embellish their suite by hotel guest room lighting. to promote the use of LED lights for hotel rooms and lobby, we have the valentine sale in 2018. 10% off discount is offered to the lighting fixtures for hotel guest rooms. We also supplier and design retrofit kits for the hospitality lighting, such as LED replacement for metal halide, halogen, mercury lamps for guest room. For outdoor RGB wall washing, we have solar powered lights as well. By using the ordinary, cool, warm or color-changing lighting fixtures, we can create unique atmosphere and thus enhance user experience! if you have special need, we can customize the lamps for you.

LED hotel guest room lighting with wireless color changing function

Why are proper hotel suite lights so important?

When it comes to importance of lighting in the hotels, apart from its basic functions of illuminating the rooms, we can create different themes by making use of astonishing hotel lighting design! As 2018 Valentine’s day is about to begin, why not having lighting in hotel rooms for couples? Color-changing wall washer can be affixed in the suite. The guests can manipulate the color changing lights inside the hotel room by wireless controller. They can select smooth or sudden color alternation effect. This feature is vitally important because everyone will have their own preference on the lighting fixtures of hotel. Besides, there are unlimited pattern for the lights which is always fresh for the user. They will be back if they feel comfortable.

What is the price of hotel room lighting?

Since we own the factory, we can control the cost and thus offer special Valentine Day’s discount for hotel suite lighting. To assist your LED replacement progress, we grant free lighting design and consultation service as well.

Advantages of using our LED lamps inside hotel:

1. Energy saving (70% lesser electricity expenses comparing to metal halide; 85% lesser comparing to halogen).
2. Long life span – 80,000 hours, which is equivalent to 21 years based on 10 hours per day.
3. Instant on-off lighting.
4. User-friendly color-changing effects – 16 million colors!
5. Low price as we offer 10% off.
6. Low heat generation, which does not affect the air conditioning when using our lighting for hotel guest room.
7. Customized hotel lobby / suite lights service.
8. No mercury or toxic gas inside LED.
9. No emission of UV.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com

We are looking forward to your message!

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